Within the scope of Accusys NAS items are those within the ExaSAN spectrum. The ability to perform, provide some flexibility and the availability of the products help them stand out among other competitors.

Five specific and diskless models make up this contingent, with the Accusys A16T2-Share the lone unit that doesn’t have HDD installed. Of course within each of the five are a multitude of other options, with the A16T2-Share having 10 just on its own.

That’s nothing like any of the others, starting with the B08S3-PS, which is light enough to quickly move around and versatile enough for different uses. This is a device that delivers speeds of more than 1600 MB.

With the A08S3-PS, the upgrade to the central core helped offer major improvements to this particular Accusys NAS. This provides an 8-bay RAID system that can support SATA and SAS drives.

Using the A12S2-PS allows scaling capacity to see a four-fold increase in drives from 12 to 48. Meanwhile, 1200MB per second is a quick description of how fast data can move with this particular unit.

The last is the B08S2-PS, which moves data even faster at 1400MB per second and mirrors the B08S3-PS in its versatility and easy movement.
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